RAWrobotics designs robotic arm for Aussie schools

August 1, 2017 | Admin


RAWrobotics, a Brisbane-based robotics company has designed a robotic arm module that they hope will be used in schools throughout Australia, as part of the new high school curriculum.

The robotic arm, named Orion5, can be mounted on a desk and controlled via USB or mounted on the company's Proteus mobile robot chassis. As an independent module, the Orion5 can accomplish tasks such as drawing and picking up objects. Mounted on Proteus and combined with other sensors, it can accomplish a wide range of more advanced tasks.

Chris Lenton, company co-founder, explained their goal: "Our company is building the next generation of educational robotics tools for high schools to use to meet the learning outcomes of the new Australian High School curriculum. We're working alongside Queensland schools to ensure the robotics kit we deliver meets the demands of the new curriculum and satisfies the needs and wants of both teachers and students."

Orion5 is currently in use at the Queensland University of Technology as part of an introduction to robotics course involving control systems and kinematics.

The company is looking to get in touch with high schools and robotics clubs who might be interested in testing their new robotics platform.

Visit the RAWrobotics website for more information.